Think you know what the perfect bedroom is like? Are you a sleep genius, or maybe all that lack of sleep has you second-guessing? Click on any of the quizzes listed below and test your mattress and sleep knowledge.

Sleep, it's a critical factor of your overall health and well being. With today's busy lifestyle, it can be easy to forget how vital sleep is. Our quiz will help remind you of the importance of sleep when it comes to living well.

Q. When you are home, where do you spend most of your time?

Q. On the weekends do you get up:

Q. At the end of a long day which of the following would you find most appealing?

Q. What is the most important investment you can make in your child's well-being?

Q. How often do you exercise, whether it's a workout at the gym or simply walking the dog?

Q. The last time you bought pillows or linens it was because:

Q. What piece of furniture is most important to your health and well being?

Q. When playing a sport - be it running/walking, tennis, swimming, etc. - what do you think most helps you perform your best?

Q. At the end of each day, what is most important to you: