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Epidemic Survival Toolkit for Mattress Retailers

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It's an epidemic! Zombieitis is plaguing our world. Hundreds of zombies are probably walking past your retail location every day. Their slowed brain function is keeping them from realizing that the cure is just through your door! The Better Sleep Council needs your help in raising awareness of Zombieitis and distributing the cure – sleep on a quality mattress!

The Stop Zombieitis! campaign began on May 1, 2011, and as students head back to school, the Better Sleep Council has vowed to end back to school Zombieitis! We need your help to inform teenagers and their parents that they could be at particularly high risk of developing Zombieitis, and inform them about the cure to this epidemic. Teenage students are known for staying up to the wee hours of the night. So once the end of summer hits and they are having to go back to their routines during the school year, they are likely to develop Zombieitis due to a shift in their lifestyles. You might ask what their best chance to prevent or cure their condition is and that is quality sleep on a quality mattress. So do your part to help the Better Sleep Council and save the un-slept teen Zombies!

Stop School Zombieitis! Logo


Zombieitis cannot be cured overnight. Millions of people need quality sleep treatment. Luckily, you're safe because the cure is in your store! In order for the general public, and especially teenagers to survive this epidemic, you need to inform your employees, friends, families and customers about the symptoms, risks and cure to Zombieitis.

Your retail location can do its part by downloading and referring customers to the materials below and supporting the public awareness campaign. Make sure to use the Stop Back to School Zombieitis! campaign materials to target teenagers and their parents shopping for a new mattress!

•           Download the newly updated Stop Back to School Zombieitis! logo for use on your promotional materials.

•           Send your teenage customers and their parents to the Stop Back to School Zombieitis Facebook page to take a quiz that determines the threat of their infection.

•           Refer to the Stop Back to School Zombieitis! press release for convincing facts and information to share with your customers about the importance of sleep for teens and why the mattress plays a vital role for their survival.

Lissa Coffey

Better Sleep Council Launches Video Series on Importance of Sleep, Selecting Right Mattress [download]

The Better Sleep Council (BSC) collaborated with lifestyle and relationship expert Lissa Coffey on a three-part video series emphasizing how sleep and the selection of the right mattress contributes to a person's overall health and well-being.

Back-To-School Zombieitis Press Release [download]

Check out this press release to learn about the dangers teenagers face with Back to School Zombieitis, and what the BSC is doing to stop it as students head back to the classroom!

Bridal Zombieitis Press Release [download]

Check out this press release to learn about the dangers of Bridal Zombieitis, and what the BSC is doing to stop it this wedding season!

Stop Zombieitis! Press Release [download]

Check out this press release to learn more about how Zombieitis can affect the general population, and what the BSC is doing to stop it from spreading!

Zombieitis Fact Sheet [download]

Make this sheet available at point of sale for customers to learn the basics of Zombieitis, including the causes, symptoms and cure.

Zombieitis Research Sheet [download]

For those who are not as easily convinced, provide these eye-opening statistics.

The Story of Zombieitis [download]

Distribute this to employees and customers who are interested in the origin of Zombieitis.

Zombieitis for Kids [download]

Give this to children to teach them about the real zombies in our world!

Join the Cause Sheet [download]

Put this information up in your store to help people connect with the Stop Zombieitis! cause and stay informed on the epidemic.


Campaign creative is here and available for your use at the point of sale, in your advertising or anywhere else zombies may roam.

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Stop Zombieitis! LogoEPS, JPG, PDF, PNG

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