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Americans Select New Mattress as Best Investment to Improve Health and Happiness

New Better Sleep Council Survey Uncovers Americans’ Budding Love Affair With New Beds

Americans voted a new mattress as the runaway winner for the best investment to improve health and happiness. The mattress received more votes than all other options combined, including spa visits, a new television, or a new car.

When sleeping on an especially good mattress (whether their own, in a hotel, or other), a whopping 84 percent of Americans noted at least one positive change in either the quantity or quality of their sleep.

  • Feeling more rested (53 percent)

  • Fewer aches and pains (47 percent)

  • Easier time falling asleep (41 percent)

More and more consumers are falling in love with their beds as they replace their older mattresses with luxurious new models that cradle them in comfort. In fact, the majority of Americans (51 percent) polled confessed that they “love their mattress” because it is “comfortable” and provides a “good night’s sleep.” Additionally, of those respondents who confessed they were “in love,” 71 percent had recently purchased a new one; most being less than one-year-old.

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