2008 Physical Performance Survery Results

Results: Better Sleep Month Survey 2008

When striving for improved physical fitness and reaching new goals, many Americans are overlooking sleep's vital role in achieving optimal physical performance. Research reveals that sleep deprivation can affect us physically — negatively impacting coordination, agility, mood and energy. In turn, physical activity can improve sleep quality. In fact, the BSC recently sponsored a national consumer survey to gauge attitudes related to sleep and physical performance. Key findings reveal:

"Let's Get Physical... I Wanna Get Physical!"

Americans who get seven hours of sleep or more are more likely to engage in higher intensity workouts (bike, run, weight lifting), compared with just 33 percent of respondents overall.

Mattress...It Does a Body Good

Consumers who sleep on newer mattresses (1-4 years old) are more likely to engage in physical activities than those who sleep on older mattresses.

Sleep is a Power Booster

Nearly one-third (32 percent) of Americans say the best thing about getting a good night's sleep is improved physical energy. Sound sleep also was credited with positively impacting mental attitude (30 percent), and alertness (24 percent).

Workout Warriors are Good Sleepers

Seven in ten Americans (70 percent) report that a restful night in bed makes them more likely to workout the next day. Women more often than men say that they are more likely to have a better workout after a night of peaceful sleep (38 percent vs. 28 percent).

The Secret to Sweet Dreams?

It may be your mattress! Survey respondents who catch the most winks at night (7-8 hours) tended to report that they sleep on newer mattresses.

Mattress Age