DID YOU KNOW? 41% of people find that sleeping with a pet helps them sleep better.

Mattress Foundations

Mattress Foundations

A match made in heaven

Mattresses and box springs go together like peanut butter and jelly. If you try to get by without one or the other, something is lacking. When you upgrade your mattress it’s essential to do the same for your foundation. Keep these things in mind when buying your new sleep set.

  • Rest easy. The foundation or box spring is important because as the base of your sleep set, it takes much of the nightly wear and tear your bed has to deal with.
  • Comfort from the bottom up. While most people focus on the mattress for comfort, in reality, your foundation is responsible for much of your bed’s comfort and support.
  • The yin and yang of sleep. When you buy a new mattress, always buy the companion foundation. The two pieces are designed to work together as a team.

Buying a new mattress but keeping the old foundation is like buying a new car but putting the tires from your old car on it.