May is Better Sleep Month

In 1985, the Better Sleep Council designated May as “Better Sleep Month” to help focus attention on the importance of sleep in leading a healthy, productive life. In those years before the Internet, the BSC encouraged the sleep-deprived to write in for free information on how to sleep better. Now, our website offers a wealth of information, from sleep FAQs to mattress shopping tips.

Over the years, the campaign has reached thousands upon thousands through television and radio spots, feature articles in national magazines and newspapers, Facebook posts, Twitter chats, YouTube views and the like. Our focus on sleep-related tips, often featuring insights from our latest research, strives to inform and educate – so everyone can get the rest they need.

Our 2015 campaign – celebrating the 30th year of “May is Better Sleep Month” – features a video designed to raise awareness on the importance of a comfortable, supportive mattress in getting healthful, productive sleep. Filmed as a “sleep study gone wrong,” the video uses a healthy dose of humor to spread this important message.