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9 Tips for better sleep tonight / Girls Gone Sporty

Sleep isn’t just a nice reprieve from the world, it’s a requirement for life. In fact, you can die of sleep deprivation in just 10 days – much less time than it takes to die of food deprivation (14 days). And while you might think it would be nice to live like a giraffe, who only needs 1.9 hours of sleep per day, the hours you spend sleeping are some of the most productive hours of your day.

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Let Sleeping Ladies Lie, Pacific Sun

"You better get some sleep tonight—all you gotta do is close your eyes"—Rolling Stones, 'Sleep Tonight'

If only it were that easy. According to the National Sleep Foundation, 20 percent of Americans say they get less than six hours of sleep a night—and the number of those who get the recommended eight hours is rapidly decreasing. The Better Sleep Council describes our snooze deficit as nothing short of an epidemic.

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10 Tips for Buying a New Mattress - US News and World Report

You unplugged an hour before bedtime. You ditched the caffeine before that. You made your bedroom a dark, quiet sleep sanctuary, and you even established a firm sleep schedule. You understand the value of good sleep, and so you've perfected your sleep hygiene.

But you're tossing and turning, waking up when your partner subtly shifts and still feeling admittedly crabby on your second cup of coffee. These may be your cues to buy a new mattress.

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SF Gate: Daylight-saving linked to wacky behavior

Don't be surprised if you're acting a tad wacky Sunday. You'll have plenty of company.
Blame it on daylight-saving time.
Losing that one measly hour when the clock lurches forward from 2 to 3 a.m. every March knocks so many people off their natural rhythms that some have gotten into the shower with their underpants on, put soap in the baby's bottle or tossed their paychecks in the trash, according to a new poll by the Better Sleep Council.

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