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Time to shop for a new mattress but confused by what's out there? Let the Better Sleep Council and Lissa Coffey help you find the mattress of your dreams. Only YOU know what works best for you and offers you the right amount of comfort and support.

Waking up in the middle of the night or have issues falling asleep? Take a look at your sleep environment and see what changes need to be made. Learn tips on how to create the bedroom of your dreams with BSC Spokeswoman, Lissa Coffey.


Does your partner's sleep style have you headed for another room? Watch the video above by BSC Spokeswoman Lissa Coffey and learn how you can bring harmony back into the bedroom.


Buying a new mattress? Chances are that it's been a while and the process may seem overwhelming. Watch the video above, featuring BSC Spokeswoman Lissa Coffey, and take out the stress and confusion of mattress buying. Learn tips from the BSC on how to find the mattress of your dreams!