DID YOU KNOW? 90 million Americans have their sleep disrupted by snoring.


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Better Sleep All Wrapped Up

What if you could give someone you love better health as a holiday gift? That would be amazing! What if you could reduce someone’s stress with a present? Everybody would appreciate that. You can. Just put the gift of better sleep at the top of your holiday shopping list. Quality sleep is vital to both […]

Sleep Tips for Daylight Saving Time

Americans have moved their clocks forward 1 hour in the spring and back again in the fall since the Standard Time Act of 1918. Though the dates on which we change time have varied since then, the law currently states Daylight Saving Time ends on the first Sunday in November. That means we’ll set our […]

Why Do I Still Wake up Tired?

You know the feeling. Your alarm goes off, you (yawn) force yourself out of bed, and you spend the rest of the morning in a (yawn) complete fog. It’s a struggle just to (yawn) keep your eyes open, let alone (yawn) focus on anything. You’re not alone. In research conducted by YouGov, 40% of Americans […]

Sleep and Athletic Performance

Whether you’re an aspiring marathoner, a kickboxing junkie, or the reigning golf champion at your country club, you’re an athlete – through and through. Sport is a big part of your life, and you strive for your best performance. Ask any athlete, in any sport, what it takes to excel, and you’ll likely hear weightlifting, […]

Back to School Sleep Tips

Spiral notebooks. Colored pencils. Highlighters. Check. New shoes. That must-have jacket. A tricked-out backpack. Check. Downloaded all the homework apps. Bought a spare tablet charger. Done and done. In bed by 9 p.m., get 10 hours of uninterrupted sleep, and be wide awake to catch the bus in the morning? Not likely. Preparing your school-age […]

Sleeping Through School

If you haven’t been in a dorm or on-campus apartment lately, expect to be amazed. Colleges and universities are going all out to create impressive student housing facilities to compete for enrollment. Your son or daughter may find themselves living in a place that features resort-style amenities like a BBQ area, a yoga studio and […]

Should I Let My Dog Sleep in the Bed?

They’re loyal. They’re lovable. And who can resist those cute wet noses and wagging tails? No wonder dogs have become known as man’s best friend. According to the ASPCA, approximately 44% of all U.S. households own a dog. That’s literally millions and millions of people who have a pooch as a part of their family. […]

How to Sleep Better While Traveling This Summer

Whether you’re headed to the beach, visiting family or even taking that bucket-list vacation – many of us will be hitting the road this summer. In fact, according to a survey from AAA, 35% of Americans plan to take a summer road trip. That’s a lot of people sleeping in beds other than their own. […]