DID YOU KNOW? 90 million Americans have their sleep disrupted by snoring.

Sleep Surveys


Mother, Father, and two children asleep in bed together, Better Sleep Council


Couples snuggle up to bundle upThere are many benefits to staying in bed during the colder temperatures. For couples, it means they have more time with each other.The top place people like to cuddle in is bed – more than one-quarter (28%)…
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Sleeping through the agesDifferent generations have different perceptions when it comes to the best sleep positions.Millennials and Gen Xers are more likely to sleep in the Freefall positions than Boomers Gen Xers are more likely to believe…
Child sitting on parents bed in the morning, Better Sleep Council
Mother and daughter with teddy bear snuggling in bed, Better Sleep Council

Survey: Parents Report Negative Effects of Daylight Saving Time on Kids

While Daylight Saving Time brings the gift of more light in the evening, it also has the effect of wreaking havoc with children’s bedtimes and sleep routines, which in turn frustrates parents. According to a recent survey from the BSC, 29% of all parents…
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Survey: Women Just Aren't Getting Enough

Work, Marriage and Geography Affect How Women Sleep Women are not getting enough sleep, but the amount of sleep they do get is tied to many factors in their lives. Women understand the importance of sleep While women know how necessary sleep is to…
Couple cuddling in bed sleeping, Better Sleep Council

Survey: Gender Affects Sleep and Stress

Women Appreciate Slumber Women struggle the most to get good sleep, but they also see the importance of sleep. Stress impacts women's shut-eye Stress makes sleep hard for everyone, but women in particular are finding themselves wide-eyed over stress.…
Couple cuddling in bed, asleep, with sun rising behind them, Better Sleep Council

Relationships & Sleep

Problem Your partner kicks in his or her sleep, waking you up. Solution Make sure your mattress gives each person adequate room to sleep. If you are sharing a double (full-size) mattress, here’s a fact you might not know: that only gives each person…
Woman falling asleep in bed with laptop open in front of her, Better Sleep Council

Survey: Starving for Sleep

Survey Shows Sleep Loss May Be Self-Inflicted Even though Americans are in the midst of what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has called a national sleep epidemic, U.S. adults consistently choose against getting more sleep. Consider the…
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Survey: Physical Performance Impacted by Sleep

Sleep Wakes Up Your Fitness Routine Americans who get 7 hours of sleep or more are more likely to engage in higher-intensity workouts (biking, running, weight lifting) than people who don't get as much sleep. Solid sleep boosts energy People  who…
Child sitting on parents bed in the morning, Better Sleep Council

Survey: Daylight Saving Time May Contribute to Sleep Loss

Daylight Saving Time Creates Chaos Adjusting to sleep loss from time changes has serious impacts on all aspects of Americans' lives. The time change has people sleepwalking through life When the clocks get moved, people report concerning outcomes:…