The Science of Sleep

The Science of Shut-Eye

Science can open your eyes to many important facts about sleep and how to sleep longer and better.

Why you need your daily dose of zzzs

Sleep not only feels good but it’s vital for our overall health. Science has shown us that sleep allows your brain to do some basic housecleaning. While you sleep, your brain takes out the trash and carefully puts away your memories. Enough sleep also keeps the rest of your body running in tiptop shape, helping you to burn fat and rejuvenate tissue. In fact, sleep is an important daily medicine for your brain and body.

Wake up to good health

More and more people are appreciating the important role of sleep. A sleep study revealed that the vast majority of people rated a good night’s sleep as the most important factor for their health and well-being. This is especially true as we age, and the majority of survey respondents over age 55 strongly agreed that there is an important connection between mattresses and health. Most people surveyed also believe sleep is an essential factor in work productivity, overall energy, and physical and mental agility. Despite this fact, more Americans are getting less sleep than ever before. 45% of those surveyed recently say they are not getting enough sleep, compared with 27% in 2000 and 36% in 2004. With such an epidemic going around, it’s important to work hard at getting enough sleep so you can start the day refreshed and rejuvenated.

78% of people surveyed say they want improvement in their sleep quality, and 49% say they would like to own a better mattress than they currently do.

What lies beneath

Studies reveal that your mattress plays an important, if not critical, role in how well and how long you sleep. Four out of five survey respondents agreed that poor mattresses affect sleep quality. Once a mattress is seven years old it has reached the end of its lifespan, and can no longer support and cushion your body well enough for you to sleep comfortably and get the benefits you need from sleep. Replacing your mattress can make it easier to sleep, relieving back pain and body aches. 85% of people surveyed believe sleeping on a bad mattress can cause serious back problems. Getting a new mattress also means that the pounds and pounds of pet dander, dust mites and allergens that have taken up residence in your old mattress are gone, allowing you to breathe easier and be healthier while you sleep. A healthier you starts with a new mattress.


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