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Discover research and reporting from across the sleep products industry. Explore survey data and consumer feedback on mattress products and trends, and read expert commentary from the BSC team. You’ll find the information you’re dreaming of, all right here.

Learn more about healthy sleep habits from Better Sleep Council
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Healthy Sleep Habits to Improve Deep Sleep

Lifestyle, sleep and relationship expert Lissa Coffey shares several lifestyle habits that affect sleep and health.

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Learn about mattress shopping during the pandemic
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Mattress Shopping During the Pandemic

Insights on buying a mattress from our new study.

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Learn how people shop for mattresses during COVID-19
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BSC Sub-Study: Mattress Shopping Behavior During COVID-19

Learn how people shop for mattresses in the current COVID-19 environment.

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Sleep off the stress during holiday season.
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Sleep off the Stress of 2020

A guide to restful sleep during this stressful year.

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