Better Sleep Council Addresses Sleep Deprivation with New Digital Tool

The Better Bed Quizzz Helps Consumers Evaluate Their Needs before Shopping for a Mattress

ALEXANDRIA, Virginia – May 6, 2016 – To help counter America’s growing sleep deprivation epidemic, the Better Sleep Council (BSC) is launching a digital tool that guides consumers through the initial steps of mattress shopping to help them find a bed that meets their individual needs.

According to a recent study from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in three Americans do not get enough sleep. In addition, studies have concluded that a restful sleep environment—including the mattress itself—plays a critical role in sleep quality.

Often consumers are unsure of what to look for in a mattress, especially since it’s an infrequent purchase and a significant investment. The Better Bed Quizzz is an interactive experience that acts as a self-evaluation resource to help consumers identify and prioritize their physical and lifestyle needs related to sleep.

“The Better Bed Quizzz prompts consumers to focus on their sleep habits, current sleep environment, and likes and dislikes, to guide their mattress shopping,” says Mary Helen Rogers, BSC’s spokesperson. “At the end of the quiz, consumers receive a summary of their results they can take with them when they shop, which really helps them make a more informed decision when finding the mattress that best meets their individual needs.”

The digital tool makes no recommendations in terms of mattress brand, technology or style/material, or where consumers should buy their new mattress. Instead, it walks them through various considerations, including personal preferences, physical considerations and how the mattress fits in the bedroom.

Released in conjunction with May’s Better Sleep Month, the Better Bed Quizzz can be taken on a desktop, mobile device or tablet beginning May 6. Consumers can take the quiz at

About the BSC

The Better Sleep Council is the consumer-education arm of the International Sleep Products Association, the trade association for the mattress industry. With decades invested in improving sleep quality, the BSC educates consumers on the link between sleep and health, and the role of the sleep environment, primarily through, partner support and consumer outreach.

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