DID YOU KNOW? 90 million Americans have their sleep disrupted by snoring.

Adjustable Beds



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Adjustable Beds

How the magic happens Adjustable beds (or you may hear them called adjustable bases or foundations) offer more sleep positions than you can count. The head and the foot of the bed can be raised and lowered to many levels and combinations. Often the entire…
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Caring for a Mattress

Get started on the right foot. Making sure your new mattress and foundation are properly installed in your bedroom is the first step in caring for your new bed. Improper installation can damage your new sleep set. If you choose to transport and install…
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Choosing the Best Mattress

Follow these simple suggestions for how to select the mattress of your dreams! Dollars and sense. Before you research your mattress options, determine your budget and consider your personal needs. A mattress is an investment in your health and well-being. …
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Mattress Types

Breaking up with your mattress If your mattress is older than seven years, it’s time to check to be sure it’s still giving you the comfort and support you need for a good night’s sleep. A good mattress should relieve pressure on your joints and…
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Mattress Pads, Protectors, Encasements & Toppers

Mattress protectors, pads and encasements prolong the life of your mattress while protecting the mattress from dust, dirt, stains and more. Such covers for your mattress and box spring can be flame resistant, hypoallergenic, anti-microbial and allergen…
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Replacing a Mattress

A mattress is like an old armchair or pair of shoes. They feel comfortable and fit your body even though the chair’s foam and springs may be worn or the shoes have lost all arch support. It isn’t always obvious that a mattress has outlived its lifespan…
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Mattress Disposal

A Proper Send-Off We've all seen mattresses that have been improperly disposed of. Mattresses don't belong on the side of the road, in the bottom of a lake or in the middle of a field. Your mattress did a good job for you for many years and now it’s…