Mattresses, Pillows and Sheets

Want to achieve the ideal bedroom for better sleep? The first step is purchasing the proper sleep surface and accompaniments.


Having a suitable place to lie down at the end of the day is more important than you may think. Sleeping on a quality mattress that fits you and your sleep habits can help you feel more energized. However, sleeping on a mattress that is old or doesn’t offer you the right amount of comfort and support can lead to health problems like backaches and sleep deprivation.

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The variety of pillows may seem overwhelming, but they all serve one purpose: to support your head and neck to keep them level with your shoulders and spine as you sleep. Your sleep position should dictate what kind of pillow you choose:

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While they may seem unimportant to your sleep experience, the right sheets can lead to better sleep. First, make sure you’re buying sheets that are the right size for your mattress. Sheets that don’t fit your mattress are likely to tear. Next, figure out which kind of sheets are right for you:

Once you have found the perfect set of sheets, take care of them. Change and wash your sheets weekly and replace them as they start to appear worn.