Sleep, Sex & Cuddles: Uncovering Your Mattress’s Role in Your Relationship

Sleep, Sex & Cuddles: Uncovering Your Mattress’s Role in Your Relationship

Could your bed be the secret to better sleep and a happier relationship?
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Could your bed be the secret to better sleep and a happier relationship?

According to the Better Sleep Council’s Sleep and Partners Report 2023, your mattress might be more of a relationship hero than you ever realized.

Mattress Magic: The Unsung Relationship Superhero

The Sleep and Partners Report surveyed over 500 participants to explore the intricate dance between sleep, sex, and cuddling. And guess what? The mattress steals the spotlight, playing a leading role in all three aspects of our lives.

Bed Sizes & Relationship Revelations

When it comes to shared sleep spaces, the survey spilled the beans on couples’ bed size preferences:

  • 47% of couples opt for the regal dimensions of a King or a California King.
  • 39% find a sweet spot with a Queen.
  • 10% share the intimacy of a Full/Double.
  • 4% cozy up on a Twin, perhaps relishing the extra closeness.

For many couples, bed size choices significantly impact their level of intimacy, as the bed’s dimensions can affect both comfort and closeness in their relationship.

Sleeping Better Together

Do you sleep better together or alone? Overall, adults are evenly split on this, with an almost equal number finding solace in solo slumber and in shared beds. However, the nuances reveal more: Men (51%) are more likely than women (40%) to report sleeping better with a partner, and older adults (52%) report better sleep with a partner compared to younger adults (39%). 

Regardless of age and gender, one thing is clear: a majority of adults enjoy and sleep well sharing a bed with their partner, highlighting the connection that can blossom when sharing a sleep space.

The Cuddle Connection

For many, cuddling isn’t just a pre-sleep ritual; it’s a powerful connector. Most adults say that cuddling has many personal benefits for them, from increasing their happiness to helping them feel emotionally close to their partner. Many also believe that cuddling has other benefits, including eight in 10 who believe cuddling reduces stress and anxiety.

Gender Distinguisher

When it comes to emotional connections fostered by cuddling, men seem to place higher importance on these moments. More men than women report that cuddling makes them happy, feel emotionally close to a partner, and even helps them sleep better.

A Place for Intimacy

Now, let’s dive into the frequency of sexual activity among couples sharing a living space—because sharing a bed with a partner impacts more than just how well you sleep at night. Four in 10 adults who share a living space with their significant other report engaging in sexual activities at least once a week. Typically, this translates to 1-3 times a week, adding a touch of intimacy to their sleep routine.

The study also found that younger adults are more than twice as likely as older adults to report having sex weekly or more (48% vs. 19%).

While these stats might seem like bedroom gossip, they actually help to shape the bigger picture: the link between physical intimacy, emotional connections, and happier, healthier relationships. We’ll give you a hint: it’s the mattress.

More Than A Mattress

Your mattress is more than just a bed for sleeping on. For many people, it’s the unsung superhero in their relationship. From influencing sleep quality to sparking intimate moments, your mattress is the hero in your own sleep, sex, and cuddle bedtime story.

Sleep Sex and Cuddles - an informative infographic

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