DID YOU KNOW? 90 million Americans have their sleep disrupted by snoring.

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Mother and daughter with teddy bear snuggling in bed, Better Sleep Council

Survey: Parents Report Negative Effects of Daylight Saving Time on Kids

While Daylight Saving Time brings the gift of more light in the evening, it also has the effect of wreaking havoc with children’s bedtimes and sleep routines, which in turn frustrates parents. According to a recent survey from the BSC, 29% of all parents…
Older woman sleeping in bed with husband, Better Sleep Council
Older woman sleeping in bed with husband, Better Sleep Council
Woman falling asleep in bed with laptop open in front of her, Better Sleep Council

Survey: Starving for Sleep

Survey Shows Sleep Loss May Be Self-Inflicted Even though Americans are in the midst of what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has called a national sleep epidemic, U.S. adults consistently choose against getting more sleep. Consider the…
Couple sleeping in bed back to back, Better Sleep Council

Survey: Americans Ignoring Better Sleep Advice

Overall Findings and Statistics: Americans know they’re sleep deprived, and they’re doing little to change that. Half of Americans (48%) say they don’t get enough sleep, but less than half of them take any one specific action to help them…
Couple sleeping in bed, Better Sleep Council

Survey: Americans Crave Sleep More Than Sex

Survey Finds Americans Willing to Sacrifice to Get a Good Night's Sleep Many Americans are so tired they prefer sleep to sex and find themselves falling asleep at all the wrong times. Sleep wins out over sex Sleep is the activity most people now long…
Older woman sleeping in bed with husband, Better Sleep Council

Survey: American Couples Have Trouble in Bed

Survey Shows Sleeping Together Can Be Problematic American couples are are not spending every night together, and in fact many find that sleeping separately leads to a better night's sleep. Sleep separation solves slumber problems The perfect night's…


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