Better Sleep Council Research on a Buyer’s Journey

New research to help retailers guide consumers to a successful purchase that fits their priorities and leaves them sleeping comfortably — even during a pandemic

Family mattress shopping

People’s shopping behaviors are changing. The impact of COVID-19 and the attendant stay-at-home orders, as well as consumer safety concerns, have closed many stores (at least temporarily) and led people to delay some purchases and to make other purchases online more often. As those pandemic-related restrictions relax in the coming weeks and months, it’s unclear to what extent these temporary shopping behaviors will become permanent and what impact that will have on bedding products retailers.

Regardless of how people’s shopping patterns change, there are essential truths and strategies retailers can embrace that will improve their chances of success — even in the current dynamic landscape.

Consumer buyer journey

How can retailers effectively engage people? Several findings from the recently released BSC buyer’s journey research might provide answers. The survey explored how people shop for mattresses and bedding products, and the outcomes of those journeys. Among the more startling findings was that how people shopped — not what they eventually bought — was the stronger driver of purchase satisfaction.


Read the full report here: The Mattress Buyer’s Journey 


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