Survey: Healthy Relationships Through Better Sleep

How to Get Better in Bed

A Better Sleep Council survey uncovered the secret to a healthy relationship. The secret is hiding right under your sheets: your mattress! Key findings link a new mattress to better relationships, improved personal well-being and better satisfaction in bed.

Mattress RX for Relationships and Happiness

Americans surveyed revealed that a newer mattress not only improved their sleep, but improved their relationships, their productivity and their overall health.

Light up the night

Those surveyed said that a new mattress improved their relationships with their significant others because it resulted in:

  • Feeling more rested and cordial to each other during the day (52%)
  • Less tossing and turning by their significant other – leading to fewer disturbances and annoyances during the night (40%)
  • Encouragement to spend more time in bed with partner (27%)
  • Improvement in their sex life (26%)

Mattress age tied to satisfaction

The age of a mattress directly impacts how happy people are with it.

  • Survey respondents who have had their mattress for 10 years or longer were more than twice as likely to criticize their sleep surface as “uncomfortable”
  • Consumers with newer mattresses were more likely to comment their mattress was “excellent”
  • An overwhelming 48% of consumers are unhappy with their mattresses:
    • 35% say their mattress is “average and nothing special”
    • 9% call theirs “bad and uncomfortable”
  • A majority (51%) of Americans praise their mattress as “excellent” and report that they “get a great night’s sleep”

Americans benefit from newer mattresses

A new mattress can do wonders for you. People sleeping on a new mattress report:

  • Increased productivity during the day (23%)
  • Better health (21%)
  • Less stress (18%)

Sleep soundly

Want to stop tossing and turning? Get a new mattress.

  • Nearly six in 10 adults (59%) agree that their sleep would improve when sleeping on a new mattress

According to research from Oklahoma State University, a new mattress provides sleepers with significant improvements, including:

  • 70.8% improvement in sleep comfort
  • 62% improvement in sleep quality
Survey details: Better Sleep Council, 2012

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