DID YOU KNOW? 90 million Americans have their sleep disrupted by snoring.




Winter sleep and sex

Winter Sleep and Sex

It’s cold outside, but it’s hot in bed this winter. If you’re like many Americans, get ready to enjoy your best sex – and sleep – of the year.

How wintertime affects sleep and sex

Winter brings its blustery chill, leaving everyone to search for warmth. For many couples, those toastier temperatures are found in the bedroom. Research shows that the bedroom is America’s favorite place for cuddling, and that’s where many couples…


ALEXANDRIA, VA – A little more than half of Americans (51%) sleep more in the wintertime, and 42% find winter the best sleeping season, according to a new survey from the Better Sleep Council (BSC), the nonprofit consumer-education arm of the International…
Mother, Father, and two children asleep in bed together, Better Sleep Council

Survey: How Sleep Habits Change in the Winter

Couples snuggle up to bundle up There are many benefits to staying in bed during the colder temperatures. For couples, it means they have more time with each other. The top place people like to cuddle in is bed – more than one-quarter (28%) of…