Winter Sleep and Sex

Welcome to Long Nights Full of XOXOs and ZZZs

It’s cold outside, but it’s hot in bed this winter. If you’re like many Americans, get ready to enjoy your best sex – and sleep – of the year.


Wintertime heats up cuddle time

The fireplace and furnace aren’t the only sources of indoor heat in the winter. Americans retreat to the bedroom to get through their coldest, darkest days by having some of the best winter sleep and sex of the year.

In a survey conducted by the Better Sleep Council, 48% of responders say they definitely spend more time in bed during the winter. The biggest reason? It gets dark early. About two-thirds (64%) said those early sunsets and the switch to standard time make them want to get under the covers and stay there.

Time to Rev up the Intimacy

So it’s only 9 p.m. and you find yourself already in bed. What might start as spooning up to your bed partner just to stay warm on a chilly winter night often ends up in steamy sex. It’s a fact. Research done by the University of Texas reports the peak period for conception occurs between November and January.

Our responders say, bring on all that extra lovemaking! More than three-quarters (77%) think sex is better in the winter. When asked to explain why, people most often cited “cuddling” and “warmth” as reasons. It appears that the emotional oxytocin rush from the intimate contact, plus the added physical benefit of sharing body heat, give cold-season sex such appeal.

A Chance to Get Some Rest

It’s not just sex that Americans get a lot of in the winter. More than half of us (51%) will get more hours of sleep in the winter compared to the other three seasons too. Those who report having a comfortable bed (36%) are the most likely to say they’ll get more sleep.

While 42% of people say the season that offers the best sleep is winter, there was a small minority (10%) who said that breathing issues from dry winter air and the added stress of the season negatively impact their sleep.

“If you’re not in the group who sleeps well in the winter, you might consider upgrading your mattress,” says Mary Helen Rogers, vice president of marketing and communications for the Better Sleep Council. “Using room humidifiers and practicing relaxation techniques can also help alleviate some of the things that commonly get in the way of quality sleep this time of year.”

Or you can just have sex.

One in five responders (19%) said the extra time they spend in bed during the winter is due to the fact that they slept better after making love.

It’s cold outside, but hot in bed this winter. Discover why couples snuggle up to bundle up from @BetterSleepOrg


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