Bedroom Spring Cleaning

Refresh Your Bedroom Before You Reset Your Clocks to Daylight Saving Time.

A bedroom cleanup can make adjusting to the time shift a (warm, spring) breeze.

Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Bedroom

Out with the old, in with the new. Spring is the season for renewal. But it’s not limited to the daffodils blooming and bluebirds chirping outside. Now is a great time to freshen things up inside too, by giving your sleep space a makeover with some bedroom spring cleaning.

Why Spring Calls for a Seasonal Sleep Intervention

One sure sign of spring is the shift to Daylight Saving Time in March. Some people love having extended daylight in the evenings. Others struggle mightily with the lost hour of sleep that comes with moving the clocks forward.

A Better Sleep Council survey found that 43% of younger adults need at least a week to adjust to the time change when the clocks turn forward an hour. Seven days! Additionally, the American Economic Journal reported that we deprive ourselves of an extra 40 minutes of sleep each spring because of the change.

The right kind of room refresh can transform your bedroom into a sanctuary of tranquility and help you overcome those lost zzz’s this spring – not to mention set yourself up for sleep success throughout the year. (Don’t think it matters? Remember, you’ll spend at least one-third of your life on your mattress, which makes the bedroom the most used room in your house. It deserves some attention.)

So channel your inner interior designer, get ready for some KonMari-style tidying and take stock of your bedding to give your bedroom a sleep-friendly buff and polish just in time for spring.

A Fresh Look

  • Set the mood with color. You can make a dramatic change with wall paint. Pick lighter colors to make your room appear larger, and darker colors for it to look more intimate and warmer. Remember that color should promote sleep and relaxation. Neutral, muted tones like taupes, grays, beiges and whites work best to create a chilled out vibe.
  • A pop of color will go far. If you don’t want to add tons of color to your walls, consider adding hints of color through your décor. Perhaps there’s a colorful painting you’re proud of, or a new duvet you want on your bed. Subtle additions of color can give your room new life.
  • Organization is essential. Design your bedroom layout so it’s clutter-free and everything has a proper place. Your day is already stressful enough, so you don’t need any of that brought into the bedroom.
  • A bedroom as fresh as a daisy. Take advantage of the springtime flowers and add a couple to your room. If flowers aren’t your thing, other plants such as English ivy do the trick.

Renew Your Sleep Foundations

  • Pillow talk. In order to get the best sleep you can from your pillows, it’s important to purchase new ones nearly every three years. From feather to down, there are so many types of pillows to choose from. Try testing them before you make a purchase.
  • Sheet shopping. Look at different fabrics and weaves when seeking bedsheets that are comfortable for you.
  • Have a heart-to-heart with your mattress. If your mattress has been through several spring seasons (at least seven to be exact), it’s probably not providing you with the proper support to get optimal rest. It’s time to think about welcoming a new one.

Clear the Atmosphere

  • Colorful noise. Fans or air conditioners can help you fall asleep because of their white noise. Better yet, pink noise apps can help you fall asleep and even improve your memory.
  • Clean air. According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, hay fever affects about 20 million adults. Be sure to clean the air filter system in your home to avoid allergens.

You Spruced up Your Space. Now What?

Now that your room looks amazing, you want to make sure you feel amazing in it too. Discover our tips on getting the best sleep in your new room, and set your sights on getting at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night.

It’s time for a seasonal sleep intervention. Here’s how to get your bedroom ready for spring. #BSCSleepTips @BetterSleepOrg


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