Creative Decluttering Hacks: The Bedroom Edit

Creative Decluttering Hacks: The Bedroom Edit

Can all this clutter disrupt your sleep? Learn clever hacks for decluttering your bedroom and reclaiming your zone of tranquility.

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Setting your intentions to get regular quality sleep takes some work. From changing lifestyle habits to being mindful of your sleep hygiene, there are a lot of factors to consider in the quest to get better rest – including creating a tranquil space to slip into deep, restorative sleep.


However, the bedroom tends to be a catchall for the day, including discarded clothes, bags, shoes, accessories, a workspace (thanks, COVID!), and more. Can all this clutter disrupt your sleep? Probably not – but it can disrupt your peace of mind. So, today’s post will spotlight some clever hacks for decluttering your bedroom and reclaiming your zone of tranquility. 


If you crave orderliness in your home, this blog will help you achieve it in the bedroom. On the other hand, if you’re the type that doesn’t  “see” clutter, then this can just be an exercise in the art of organization – which is helpful for anyone.

Survey Your Space

Decluttering your bedroom doesn’t have to be difficult if you approach the project strategically. The first step is to survey the situation. Are you using current storage to its full potential? What items don’t have a designated space? Are there underutilized areas where you can create extra storage space to clear the clutter?


As you consider the space, you’ll likely find plenty of opportunities to increase storage, such as swapping out furniture or adding space-saving solutions to underutilized areas – like walls and doors –  to keep everything organized. Fortunately, it’s pretty simple to discreetly add more storage without sacrificing aesthetics. Here are three hacks that will work in most rooms, regardless of size or configuration.

Shelves and pegboard with office supply on workspace table.


Put the walls to work.

Walls aren’t only for art. They are prime real estate when it comes to storage solutions! Here are a few of our favorite wall storage hacks:

Peg Boards 

Easy to find at a hardware store, you can retrofit these versatile pieces to create artful storage. We suggest painting the board to match your bedroom’s color palette and framing it to add dimension and decorative interest. Next, add hooks or pegs to hang bags, belts, hats, jewelry, and more. You can also add shelving or baskets for larger accessories.



Adding shelving to your bedroom is one of the easiest ways to get items off the floor and into a designated space. Shelving is so versatile and adds a decorative dimension to the room.

Wall Hooks

Rules don’t apply when it comes to creating extra storage space. Like shelves, you can add hooks anywhere in the room for belts, bags, jewelry, hats, jeans, or scarves – these items aren’t only for closets.


Over-the-door hooks and shelves are discreet and ready in seconds. They’re perfect for organizing anything, from dirty laundry to shoes.

Bed Storage

Although the bed is designed for sleeping, it can also serve as a functional storage space. Here are three ways to elevate your organization in the bedroom using a bed with storage.

Captain’s Bed

This specific storage-equipped bed platform maximizes space, even in the smallest rooms, like a cramped ship’s cabin (hence the name). Captains’ beds typically include a bed frame with drawers and shelves built into the structure. Although most commonly available in twin or full sizes, queen and king versions are also available.


Storage Bed

A storage bed is a broad term for any bed with drawers or storage space built into the frame or headboard (ex., a captain’s bed is a specific type of storage bed). Options can include a king bed frame with storage drawers, a full size bed with storage shelves incorporated into the bedframe, or a queen bed frame with storage drawers, shelves, and side table extensions. The possibilities – and decluttering capabilities – are endless! 


Under Bed Containers

There are many ways to use under the bed storage containers to maximize space, especially for items you don’t use every day. From rolling carts to baskets and garment boxes, they can be functional and decorative. It’s the grown-up alternative to shoving items under the bed – and much more organized!


Hidden Storage

Convertible furniture is a modern marvel. A google search for the term will result in a rabbit hole of possibilities. Here are three that work in any space.

Mirror Storage

Mirrors cabinets come in all shapes and sizes, from full-length to tabletop. They are just big enough to hide cosmetics, jewelry, and other small accessories while functioning as a mirror when closed.

Ottomans and Benches

These versatile pieces provide seating and storage in one and are available in endless sizes, colors, and textures. They’re also a stylish solution for keeping the bed’s decorative pillows off the floor while you sleep.

Floating wall drawers

Is it a shelf or a drawer? Appropriately named, floating wall drawers are box shelves with sliding drawer compartments. Available in various sizes and colors, these clever contraptions add decorative dimension and function to bedroom walls.


Prioritizing organization in the bedroom is vital to creating a zen-worthy sleeping space. There are countless ways to cleverly declutter the bedroom, from a storage-friendly bed with drawers to walls that hold it all. What other storage hacks have you used to keep your bedroom clutter-free and sleep-friendly? Let us know in the comments!

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