Mattress Shopping During the Pandemic

Be a Better Mattress Shopper: Insights from Our COVID-19 Shopping Study

Learn about mattress shopping during the pandemic

From curbside grocery pickups to daily deliveries from Amazon, COVID-19 has had a heavy impact on the way we shop for almost everything, including mattresses.

So, how exactly has COVID-19 affected mattress shopping in 2020? Well, the Better Sleep Council asked people who planned to purchase or had purchased a mattress and here are some of our key findings.

Sleep on It

During COVID, shoppers are making faster decisions and are spending less time researching before making a purchase.

  • In 2020, almost half of those who bought new mattresses said they spent one week or less shopping, while in 2019, only 31% spent that same amount of time shopping.
  • Not only were people taking more time to make a purchase pre-COVID, but they were also doing more homework. In 2020, people researched three to four sources before making a decision, compared to seven to eight sources in 2019.

Count Stars Before Counting Sheep

The study revealed the importance of online reviews in mattress shopping research. Mary Helen Rogers, vice president for marketing and communications at the Better Sleep Council, states, “Shoppers who look at online reviews value them and find them influential – our findings reiterate this. For instance, of the 47% of mattress shoppers who read or had planned to read online reviews, 74% considered them a top factor in their final purchase decision.”

Since it can sometimes be difficult to tell which online reviews will be the most helpful to you, it’s best to use a mix of different sources to guide and influence your decisions while mattress shopping.

  • Ask friends – a tried-and-true method. Our personal sense of self is derived from other people, and social psychologists have even said that the more of your identity you draw from a group, even when you’re not around that group, the more likely you are to uphold those values. Friends will give you all of the unfiltered pros and cons of their mattresses, may open your eyes to some new options you hadn’t thought of, and could sway your opinion while mattress shopping.
  • Social media – What’s the conversation around the mattress you’re looking at purchasing? Social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Reddit have entire communities based on mattresses and mattress buying.
  • Online mattress tools – Online tools, like our Better Bed Quizzz, are built to help you find a mattress that suits your exact needs. And the best part? They’re free.

Power Your Sleep with the Power of Research

A late 2019 Better Sleep Council study showed that people who take shopping shortcuts aren’t satisfied with their mattress purchase. They feel less informed and reported being less satisfied with their sleep quality. Shoppers who spend time researching feel more satisfied with their purchase, enjoy their shopping experience and are more likely to be satisfied with their sleep quality.

All of this means your new mattress is affecting your sleep before you even buy it. So, you should take your time to study up on what works for you. Our Better Bed Quizzz can give you a personalized summary of your mattress needs and even tips on testing a mattress in-store.

Speaking of in-store, you may feel a bit apprehensive going to a physical location to shop for a mattress, but many retailers have taken measures to ensure the shopping environment is safe during the pandemic. The Better Sleep Council always recommends trying before you buy, using the S.L.E.E.P test mentioned in our guide to choosing the best mattress.

The pressures of COVID can make it feel like there is less time to spend all around, but if our findings have taught us anything, it’s that better sleep is worth the research. Take your time on your research, use a mix of reviews and other sources for a better-informed opinion, and you can find a mattress that’s perfect for you. You can even check out our full COVID-19 Mattress Shopping Study for more information.

Want to be a better mattress shopper? Learn how to make your shopping experience more enjoyable, with findings from @BetterSleepOrg.


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