20 Tips from Parents to Sleep Like a Kid Again

Looking for Great Sleep Advice? Parents Say, Just Ask Your Kids.

This Better Sleep Month, parents share their best tips to sleep like a kid.

20 tips to sleep like a kid

After the nightly battle of getting the kids to bed, how do parents get their much-needed rest too? For Better Sleep Month, 20 parentbloggers shared their best tips on how they sleep like a kid themselves. From picking out the comfiest PJs to checking their worries at the door, here’s what they had to say.

Aseky + Co.: Nothing relaxes me more than a warm shower, with some lavender essential oil before bed.

4 F’s Given: I found that it’s so important for me to find ways to get that much needed shut-eye. Some of the ways I do it is to take a nap during the day. I never thought a nap would be so rewarding, but it truly is. I can’t “sleep while the baby sleeps” every time because, let’s face it, there is so much to do, but I do try to nap once a day.

Balancing the Chaos: Learn how to say NO. Too many times, when I am asked for help, I typically say ‘YES’. I have learned that I do have a limit as to what I can accomplish during a day, and saying ‘NO’ will reduce my stress.

Confessions of a Northern Belle: Be active ALL day. Do you know any children who spend hours glued to a desk and computer five days a week? Even kids in school move around the classroom with enough frequency that they never experience a sleeping bottom in their desk chair. Run a couple of laps around the house (or office), dance in the shower, or jump on the couch for 20 minutes. Whatever you do, make time for physical activity during the day since aerobic exercise promotes better sleep. Or just be active ALL day like a kid and maybe you’ll sleep better at night.

Fab Everyday: Don’t underestimate the significance of a comfortable sleep environment that includes temperature-appropriate sleepwear, the ideal mattress for your body comfort, and the right amount of darkness.

Faithfully Beautiful: It’s been super important for me to make sure that I schedule that oh so needed 8 hours each night and put it on my calendar like I would any other task for the day. Being mentally prepared for the night helps me to know that I am doing what’s best for my family and myself.

Father and Us: You want to make your sleep environment as comfortable as possible. We spend a large portion of our life sleeping, so shouldn’t we make the room where that happens as pleasing as possible to be in? You want it dark and quiet and at a comfortable temperature. Your mattress is also incredibly important. You should replace your mattress at least every seven years. Also, make sure it is large enough for your needs.

20 tips to sleep like a kid_Frosted Blog

Frosted Blog: I know, I know! It’s so tempting to just hop on social media and just scroll through once the kids are asleep. Or turn on the TV and catch up on your favorite shows. We avoid watching TV in our bedroom at night, and we make a point to turn off our electronics and unplug a couple of hours before bedtime. Lighting from electronics stimulates your brain and keeps you from shifting into sleep mode. Try to banish using your phone, tablets and TV from the bedroom.

Ginger Casa: Use white noise. I always wonder how travelers sleep in hotels all of the time without white noise. Some people are blessed to be sound sleepers, but not my husband and me! We need a fan, an air purifier, or a sound machine to ensure that the outside noises are quieted during the night.

Jessi Living Lovely: Check your worries at the door. If you are bringing stress to bed with you, you will not sleep well. Easier said than done, right? Resolve to keep everything that is stressful out of your bedroom. That includes work, your phone (see above) or even allowing yourself to think about work while in bed. Try keeping a journal to control and write about your worries instead of bringing them to bed with you.

20 tips to sleep like a kid_Life Anchored

Life Anchored: We keep our house at the same temperature pretty much year-round. This allows the us to wear the same style of pajamas every night, falling in with that great routine. Make sure that you are sleeping on a mattress that isn’t too old or too worn. Make sure your pillow is comfortable and my biggest thing is darkness. The kids have blackout curtains in their rooms and that helps for sure. I have a large window in my room that doesn’t have coverage, and while I love the idea of seeing the moon through it in the middle of the night, it also lights up my room making it hard to sleep. I am all about a sleep mask that is soft and comfortable to help with keeping things nice and dark.

Mamma Bear Says: For our kids, a warm cup of milk before bed puts them in the perfect state of mind. We cut down all caffeine and sugary foods/drinks 2 hours before bed. Again the plan here is not to hype us up but to help our bodies naturally relax. My husband and I love to have a relaxing cup of warm tea after dinner. It does wonders.

Modern Sports Mom: With so much going on in the typical sports parent’s life, caffeine can be a necessity. I get that. I am guilty of having an extra cup of coffee (or a caffeinated soda) in the middle of the day just to get that extra “pushˮ I need to get through my day without collapsing. The problem is consuming caffeine too late in the day can backfire. You’ll get the energy needed to keep going, but the effects can last up to 6 hours. This means that that 5 o’clock iced coffee can keep you going until 11 p.m., or later. Do the math, and consume caffeine as early in the day as possible.

Mom the Magnificent: Try your best to eat well, exercise and drink water daily. I see a huge shift in my sleep patterns the days I exercise versus the days I don’t. After dinner, avoid late-night snacking, especially food that will upset you or stimulate you. Taking care of your body has a lot to do with what you put into it.

Our Family Lifestyle: In today’s connected world, it’s important to unplug as you begin your bedtime routine. Lighting from electronics actually stimulates your brain and makes it harder to shut it down. Keep your bedroom a no electronics zone.

Project Motherhood: Keep a pad of paper and a pen at your bedside. I tend to think of things that I need to remember during this time of day and make sure to write them down for the next day. This removes the stress of forgetting and anxiety about the next day for me.

20 tips to sleep like a kid_Southern Mom Loves

Southern Mom Loves: Being too hot or too cold can keep you from falling or staying asleep, and so can uncomfortable or restrictive clothing. Loose or stretchy clothing is best in a fabric and sleeve length appropriate for the season. Also, think about your bedding. If you tend to wake up hot, layering your bedding might make sense for you. Have a lighter layer of a sheet or light blanket under your heavier comforter so that you can shed a layer easily and go right back to sleep.

The B Keeps Us Honest: I sleep much better in a clean and clutter-free space. Now that doesn’t mean my room is always spotless, but it means I always tidy up a bit before bed. A clear space helps me to have a clear mind, which makes it so much easier to fall asleep. Plus, it’s nice to wake up to a clean slate each morning.

Porsha Carr Blog: I play classical music every night before bed. I sometimes even fall asleep with it on. It relaxes me and makes me feel good too.

20 tips to sleep like a kid_The Cinnamon Mom

The Cinnamon Mom: In addition to all of the normal thoughts and stressors you already have in your life, you’re now flooding your mind with brand-new information and distractions late at night. Between suspenseful movies, action-packed video games, and your friend’s vacation updates, you can’t possibly filter and process all of that garble in a short amount of time. Shutting down an hour in advance gives your mind time to decompress before falling sleep.

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Parents know how to #SleepLikeAKid better than anyone. Don’t believe it? Check out these 20 sleep tips from parents on how you can improve your sleep routine. #BetterSleepMonth @BetterSleepOrg

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