Better Sleep Month: Discover How You Can Be Better in Bed

Slide under the Sheets, Grab Your Favorite Pillow – It’s Time to Get Better in Bed

This May is Better Sleep Month, and we can help you be better in bed.

It’s time for Americans to up their game between the sheets! This May is Better Sleep Month, and all month long we’re asking one simple question; Are You Better in Bed Than …?”

Sleep IS the new status symbol

Gone are the days of touting just how little you snooze. Bragging about your skills in bed – as they relate to sleep, of course – is all the rage. Sure, at the Better Sleep Council (BSC), we’ve always been on this trend. And we know that getting 7-8 hours of sleep each night has a long list of benefits, including helping you maintain a healthy weight, feel energized, concentrate more easily and protect your long-term health. As your go-to sleep resource, we want to give you the tools to sleep more soundly all year long. But for May’s Better Sleep Month, why not go ahead and brag about your efforts as you’re upping your sleep skills?


Are you ready to get better in bed this month?

There are numerous ways you can get involved in Better Sleep Month this May. Here are a couple of ways the BSC will help you up your game between the sheets:

  • Check out our monthlong sleep series, “31 Ways to Be Better in Bed!” on the BSC’s Facebook and Twitter channels, featuring tips from BSC consultant, R.N. and certified sleep educator Terry Cralle. (Can’t wait? Check out our Better Sleep Guide and start sleeping better tonight.)
  • Read weekly posts on the BSC’s blog, featuring sleep-related content from lifestyle expert and BSC spokesperson Lissa Coffey
  • Learn more about men’s and women’s bedroom habits through the release of the BSC’s new survey results
  • Take our Better Bed Quizzz to see how you measure up in the bedroom

This month, we’re also partnering with our own Lissa Coffey, as well as Jessica Camerata from My Style Vita and Catherine Beard from The Blissful Mind, to help them challenge their fans and followers to be “Better in Bed” all month long. You can also follow along as they challenge themselves to be better in bed this May.

Think you’re better in bed than these ladies? Enter our weekly “SleepStakes” on the BSC’s Facebook Page, tell us how good you are in bed, and you may even win a $50 gift card.

So come on, join in the sleep conversation and brag about how good you are in bed.

Better Sleep Month is here – the @BetterSleepOrg is here to help you sleep sounder and get #BetterInBed. #BSCSleepTips

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