Daylight Saving Stats on “Spring Ahead” Suffering

The Better Sleep Council conducted surveys in February 2013 and 2014 that revealed how Americans really feel about turning their clocks one hour ahead every spring – consensus: it’s not easy. The surveys verified what many experts have said for years – one hour of sleep loss generates a sleep-starved society of epidemic proportions. [1] See the details of the Better Sleep Council surveys and secondary research below.

Survey Details: Conducted in first quarter 2013 and the first quarter 2014 with a statistically representative sample of U.S. adults (21+); a sample size of 1,061 yields a confidence interval of 95 percent +/- 3 percent. Secondary research noted below.

More Difficult Than Your Average Monday:

The Rest of the Week Doesn’t Look Much Better:

The Coveted Extra Hour of Sleep:*

When Asked What Things They Have Done That They Attribute to Getting Less Sleep:

*Data compiled from a 2014 Better Sleep Council survey

[1] The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention labeled lack of sleep as an American epidemic in March 2011.
[2] “Go Ahead, Hit the Snooze Button,” The Wall Street Journal, Jan. 2013
[3] “Insomnia and the Performance of US Workers: Results from the America Insomnia Survey” SLEEP 2011