BSC’s Newest Tracker Research Shows Mattress Purchase Intent Is on the Rise

BSC Quarterly Tracker Results: Q4 2021

With another wave of COVID cases, BSC research finds people are retreating into their homes, placing a priority on comfort and efficiency.

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A new wave of the coronavirus seems to be creating major ripples in people’s lives – affecting their concerns, behaviors and shopping habits, according to the Q4 2021 “Inside the Mind of Today’s Mattress Consumer” survey by the Better Sleep Council. The research suggests that people are partially retreating into their homes – increasing their prioritization of optimizing them for comfort and efficiency. The study found that mattress purchase intent, specifically, is also rising as people continue to make getting a good night’s sleep their No. 1 health and wellness priority.

Preference for shopping and buying mattresses online rose in the fourth quarter, edging ahead of in-person mattress shopping, compared with the previous quarter. Despite recent increases in people’s overall concerns and preferences for not going out, consumers remain significantly more confident about going to the doctor, shopping/purchasing in-store, and traveling/patronizing a public establishment than they were a year ago at this time.

More details about what mattress shoppers are thinking, feeling and doing can be found in the full report here: BSC Tracker Results: Q4 2021.

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