Starving for Sleep: America’s Hunger Games

Nearly 8 in 10 Americans admit they would feel better and more prepared for the day if they had an extra hour of sleep. The Better Sleep Council conducted a survey in February 2014 to explore what sleep-deprived Americans would do if they had the extra hour they lose as daylight saving time begins. Results showed that although Americans are in the midst of what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has called a national sleep epidemic, U.S. adults consistently choose against getting more sleep – even when the opportunity is given to them. See the results of the 2014 Better Sleep Council survey below.

Survey Details: Conducted in first quarter 2014 with a statistically representative sample of U.S. adults (18+); a sample size of 1,061 yields a confidence interval of 95 percent+/- 3 percent.

Survey Shows Sleep Loss May Be Self-Inflicted