Latest Research on Consumer Shopping Behaviors and Attitudes

BSC Quarterly Tracker Results: Q4 2020

Get the latest results from the Better Sleep Council’s newest research on the shifting consumer attitudes and behaviors in today’s environment.

Learn about mattress consumer attitudes and behaviors.

There’s no argument that 2020 was a crazy year. Uncertainty, turmoil and change hit virtually everyone and all sectors of the economy, including the bedding products industry. Unlike other sectors of the economy, mattress sales and revenue were strong in 2020, but how companies did business and how consumers thought about, shopped and bought bedding products underwent significant transformation.

To give the industry insight into shifting consumer attitudes and behaviors in this environment, the Better Sleep Council has set about to conduct a quarterly national survey of mattress buyers. The initial study, conducted in late November, surveyed 500 people, all of whom had purchased a mattress in the last month or planned to do so within 30 days.

The study uncovered several interesting facts about mattress shoppers’ mindsets and actions, and about how they’re adapting to the current environment. For example:

  • Mattress buyers say a good night’s sleep is even more important than diet and exercise when it comes to their health.
  • With home being the place where people have to live, work and attend school, consumers are spending money on all kinds of things to optimize their homes – and the broad category of bedding products is their top purchase, while mattresses rank fifth.
  • Not surprisingly, people are buying mattresses online more frequently, but they miss the in-store shopping experience.
  • With so much of their lives being affected by change, people are reacting by searching for and shopping new brands and retailers.

More details about what mattress shoppers were thinking, feeling and doing in Q4 of 2020 can be found in the report here: BSC Tracker Results: Q4 2020

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