Survey: Physical Performance Impacted by Sleep

Get into Shape with Sleep

While striving for improved physical fitness, many Americans overlook sleep’s vital role in achieving optimal physical performance. Research reveals that sleep deprivation can affect us physically – negatively impacting coordination, agility, mood and energy. In turn, physical activity can improve your sleep quality. In fact, the Better Sleep Council sponsored a national consumer survey to gauge attitudes related to sleep and physical performance.

Sleep Wakes Up Your Fitness Routine

Americans who get 7 hours of sleep or more are more likely to engage in higher-intensity workouts (biking, running, weight lifting) than people who don’t get as much sleep.

Solid sleep boosts energy

People  who sleep well feel benefits in many ways.

  • Nearly one-third (32%) of Americans say the best thing about getting a good night’s sleep is improved physical energy
  • 30% of respondents also said sound sleep positively impacts their mental attitude
  • 24% of those surveyed said a good night’s sleep impacts their alertness

Sleep is the best workout motivator

If you need to get to the gym, getting a good night’s sleep will help get you there.

  • Seven in 10 Americans report that a restful night in bed makes them more likely to work out the next day
  • 38% of women say that they are more likely to have a better workout after a night of peaceful sleep, compared to 28% of men

The secret to sweet dreams

To sleep better, get a new mattress.

  • Survey respondents who catch the most winks at night (7-8 hours) tended to report that they sleep on newer mattresses

A newer mattress wakes the body up

A newer mattress is linked to more exercise.

  • Consumers who sleep on newer mattresses (1-4 years old) are more likely to engage in physical activities than those who sleep on older mattresses

Survey Details: Better Sleep Council, 2008

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